Where are Your Marketing Needs?


Here at Carlson Integrated, we know that it’s hard to engage in a marketing program if you’re not entirely sure what you need.  We try to take a holistic approach to marketing, and over the years we’ve put together what we think is a pretty solid list.

The below six primary areas, once addressed, represent the pillars of a cohesive strategy that will serve you well as you discover how you can better market your brand and business.

  1. When we review which platforms client are on and make recommendations on where they should maintain a social presence, we prioritize where their clients or referral sources are, and with the second priority being where their prospective clients are.
  2. A visually appealing, easily navigable website establishes brand identity online and supports sales.  You don’t want to be embarrassed to send someone to look at your website!  Furthermore, ensuring it is secure with an SSL and provides social links is really important to give your visitors the chance to engage with your firm in multiple ways.
  3. The communication of the firm requires a messaging strategy and content development.  This can include articles and thought leadership pieces, as well as graphics and imagery consistent with the overall company look at feel.
  4. Outbound content from the company is not just on social media.  It involves phone call scripts, eblast creation and execution, paid advertising, and public relations.  Building processes to execute this outreach and putting it on a calendar with deadlines is incredibly helpful.
  5. MATERIALS & GIVEAWAYS. Whether we are developing flyers or ordering hundreds of t-shirts, credibility is bolstered by having a ready repository of meeting follow up materials.
  6. SALES INTEGRATION & NETWORKING. Incorporating the opportunity for feedback into the overall marketing strategy is crucial to achieving your goals.  Whether you are creating a networking opportunity, engaging in direct sales, or just having conversations with peers, this element needs to be incorporated into your overall approach.

Once you have had a chance to review each area, start thinking about where you could improve.  Do you need to formalize your outreach process?  Are you collecting and using your market feedback?

It may be a slow and steady process for you to improve your marketing; the important part is that you take the first step and start moving in that direction.  Be attentive to your marketing needs and, if you ever need our help with any of them, let us know!  ?



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