When Marketing Works (Avoid the Pitfalls)


Marketing has a very specific objective: to increase your business activity and drive success.

When you have achieved traction with your marketing channels it can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming.  You’re thrilled because it works – you’ve hit your stride and the products or services you are providing to your niche are well-received and your business is growing.

Yet the delight can easily be undercut by the myriad of decisions that result from your success and concerns toward executing.  We recently experienced this phenomenon and I thought it might be helpful to walk you through some of our responses.

PITFALL.  Maybe I should tell prospective clients we can’t help them?  The day I said that to my closest confidant, she did two things: one, she told me to never ever say that again, and two, she offered practical advice – we can do this.

ACTION.  Redefining internal processes for onboarding (even in the midst of onboarding!) was one important step we took immediately.  Streamlining HOW the process worked was crucial as we looked at a full pipeline.

PITFALL.  My type-A personality wanted to “do it all” at first without communicating to my team that I needed help.  There are times as an entrepreneur that you have to push through, but it can’t be every time.

ACTION.  Growing our team through referrals – adding trusted professionals who were able to hit the ground running – enabled our team to be proactive rather than reactive to client needs.

PITFALL.  De-prioritizing business development activities in favor of operations is always a temptation, but it is one that slows momentum and impacts the future.  Sales activity cannot stop.

ACTION.  Including another associate in business development activity shared the sales load for me.  Knowing that she could come alongside me to cover introductory events ensured we still had coverage when my focus needed to be on other operational efforts.

PITFALL.  Stress can bring out the worst traits in many of us – including avoidance.  For me, hiding from phone calls or turning off my laptop with 27 windows open is how that stress manifests.

ACTION.  Recognizing unhealthy coping mechanisms as the self-sabotage that they are is key.  Feel the stress, then let it go.  You can do this; there’s no need to panic.  New efficiencies are created when you refocus your energy on what you can do rather than your fears.

*  *  *  *  *

Navigating these pitfalls doesn’t happen perfectly, but taking action delivers better service to your clients – and to your future clients.  Let your marketing lead to more opportunities for your firm – and view them as the blessings that they are.



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