What You Don’t Use You Tend to Lose


We all have those tasks that we only do occasionally and each time we think we will remember how to do them. Yet each time the instruction search happens.  


The broader real estate market has the same issue… we forget.  We forget people, we forget deals, we forget who to call when we have a hot listing.  If you don’t make it on someone’s marketing list, they very well may not call you if you are off their radar for a period of months or your presence is inconsistent. I can find some correlations within my business skills as well, and I imagine you can too.

The first year we were in business, we worked with a number of established, smart brokers who sheepishly admitted to having golf ball boxes or shoe boxes of business cards from their networking over the years.  We were able to aggregate contacts and create eblast programs for them to support their relationship development when they weren’t on the networking circuit.  They rightfully wanted a wholistic approach.

Another client sends out a weekly eblast with the intention of being in front of his clients. As we discussed the strategy for his marketing campaign, he recognized that being relevant to his clients meant being consistent in his outreach. He knows they have an opportunity to unsubscribe to his emails but they do not – which means they still want them.  They call when they need him.

A marketing eblast campaign should be structured to bring together the message you don’t want to get lost AND the people you do not want to lose. 



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