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Fried on Business – 09.02.20

How to Market Yourself and Build Your Brand I haven’t exchanged a business card in five months. I used to meet 20 to 40+ new people a day at some ...
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Assessment – 09.01.2020

My parents taught me that “honesty is the best policy.” And I have found that to be true in all aspects of business... taking an honest assessment of your business ...
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Perspective: How do you look at marketing? – 08.15.20

Have you stopped to think about how you feel about marketing? How you feel about marketing colors how you think about marketing. Does it make you smile or roll your ...
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Opportunities – 08.01.20

These past months have led to a lot of new thinking - new ways to execute business objectives, new methodologies of outreach and business development, and a myriad of new ...
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Gratitude is all the rage, and it is no wonder. But how does it help a business improve their marketing? How can you develop a process to add tangible value to your customer acquisition and retention strategies?

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“As long as we continue to do a good job, our reputation will take care of itself.” - Robert Cullen #goodjob #dontbeforgotten #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

One of the joys of networking with other businesses is interacting with people from all over the world! #networking #beyou #contentmarketingstrategies #integratedmarketing #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

Your #brand will travel further with a well-established online presence. How does your website look? Are you on multiple social media platforms? Google yourself and see if you’d like to improve on what you find. We’re here to help! #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc

45% of people globally use social media in one form or another. That’s 3.48 billion people! ( Your reach can be far and wide. #askanexpert #reach #marketing #socialmediamarketing #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

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