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Human Touchpoints are Meaningful

When you think about your busy day, what are the things that you remember? Was it a company brand that captured your interest? A social media post that made you ...
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becoming socially native

Becoming Socially Native – 1.18.2021

Strategy sessions have been held and the goal planning is done. The marketing plan has been formulated for 2021! One of your goals - start being present on social media ...
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Goals (Planning for Success) – 1.6.2021

Happy 2021! Gretchen Rubin’s quote “The days are long, but the years are short” comes to mind, as it is hard to believe that we are in the planning stages ...
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end of year planning

End of Year Planning – 12.17-20

Each and every year, it’s helpful to take the time to analyze your marketing program and initiatives.  The end of the year and the beginning of the new year are ...
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Because of 2020 Blog

Because of 2020 (What We’ve Learned) – 12.01.20

Each year presents itself with its own unique challenges and 2020 was no different, by far.  Amidst intense pressure and changes, the learning curve required this year has been staggering.  ...
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The Process of Thanks – 11.24.20

Gratitude is all the rage, and it is no wonder.  There are countless ways that research has shown it to be an effective tool to improve both physical health to ...
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