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Better Together: Why Both Printed and Digital Marketing Materials are Important for Your Business – 4.19.2021

Incorporating a healthy amount of printed and digital marketing material into your marketing strategy is the perfect combination for building trust, leaving a long-lasting impression and increasing your reach. Believe ...
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Establishing a Strong Online Presence for Your Business: Create or Update Your Website – 4.05.2021

Whether you've just started your business or have been in business for years, there are so many reasons why your business needs a website; especially now. The world we live ...
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An Insider View of CI – 3.17.21

In preparation for this particular article an internal note was circulated within the company asking my team members what questions they would like me to answer in our blog. Then, ...
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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning – 3.3.21

The weather is getting warmer and we can feel spring in the air. We know we might still get another round of snow… but skies are blue and we look ...
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Human Touchpoints are Meaningful

When you think about your busy day, what are the things that you remember? Was it a company brand that captured your interest? A social media post that made you ...
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becoming socially native

Becoming Socially Native – 1.18.2021

Strategy sessions have been held and the goal planning is done. The marketing plan has been formulated for 2021! One of your goals - start being present on social media ...
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“This article will cover reasons why small business owners like you should value networking as a marketing channel and how to do it effectively.” #networking #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

Your brand represents you and you can build trust by genuinely listening to what people have to say. Communication is key while taking others’ point of view into consideration. This is one of the reasons we, at Carlson Integrated, love what we do! #branding #carlsonintegrated

Most marketing strategies today include social media. It provides opportunities to gain brand awareness, generate leads and learn more about your relevant audience by engaging with them. #reach #marketing #socialmedia #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

Visit this website, we recently re-designed, to get an idea of what Carlson Integrated can do for you! #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc #bekahcarlson

There are plenty of reasons to utilize social media, especially for real estate marketing. Here’s a great resource. Carlson Integrated knows real estate and would be happy to aid you in showcasing your properties. #carlsonintegrated #carlsonintegratedllc

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