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Celebrate Impact this May – 05.18.2022

Impact - goes both ways. You have an impact and you are an impact. Being polite and kind is one way to have an impact. Many times, you do not ...
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Bound for Success: Using an Inbound Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business – 05.04.2022

When it comes to marketing, your ability to effectively convert customers, consistently build relationships, AND save your business money is the hallmark of a great marketing strategy, especially in the ...
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How Content Creation Uses the Iceberg Theory- 04.20.2022

If you've ever sat through a professional development session in basically any industry, chances are you've heard the iceberg analogy. This illustration was from Freud's theories on conscious/unconscious thinking and ...
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Company Culture and Your Website- 04.06.2022

Did you know that your company's website is the most significant marketing tool you have? Why is that? Your website is so important because it is accessible to almost anyone ...
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Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies- 03.16.2022

A beloved mentor of mine used to say the phrase "Plan your work. Work your plan." As a new business owner starting out, this was crucial and much-appreciated advice. I ...
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Spring Cleaning

Businesses Need Spring Cleaning Too – 03.02.2022

This time of year everywhere you look there are blogs and checklists about spring cleaning for your home. But as business owners, we rarely see a checklist for how to ...
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Your USP ( Unique Selling Position) is the driving force behind clearly illustrating value and giving an audience a reason to purchase anything from you rather than the competition.
That's its one and only job!
#uniquesellingpoint #marketing101 #thursdaythoughts #howtosell

When I think of impact, the first person who comes to my mind is my own mother, Faith. I am a product of her influence and her confidence in every facet of my life. She loves in extreme, with grand gestures of generosity.
She surpasses everyone I have ever known. #celebratemom

Investing in a professional designer for your branding, logo or website may seem like a costly expense, but it’s actually an investment that can help you save money and time.
Don’t miss out on potential clients and business development in an effort to DIY- hire a pro! #design

Thank you, Mom, for all you have done for me. I know that you and Dad are always there for me and my family.
Your strength, sacrifice and scrimping did not go unnoticed. We may not have appreciated it then (😬) but I certainly recognize and appreciate all that you have done.#mom

My Mom is and always has been my inspiration. She has taught me what it looks like to be a positive force in the world and in one's own life. She is one of those people everyone gravitates towards because she is thoughtful and makes them feel safe.
- Jamie Thompson #celebratemom

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