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Marketing + Networking + Authenticity = Relationship – 09.15.2020

Marketing in and of itself builds credibility for your company and your role therein. Legitimacy is established. The base from which you navigate professional waters is created – the home ...
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Assessment – 09.01.2020

My parents taught me that “honesty is the best policy.” And I have found that to be true in all aspects of business... taking an honest assessment of your business ...
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Perspective: How do you look at marketing? – 08.15.20

Have you stopped to think about how you feel about marketing? How you feel about marketing colors how you think about marketing. Does it make you smile or roll your ...
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Opportunities – 08.01.20

These past months have led to a lot of new thinking - new ways to execute business objectives, new methodologies of outreach and business development, and a myriad of new ...
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The FAQ’s of Marketing 2.0

On August 12, 2020, CI founder Bekah Carlson presented a webinar entitled The FAQ's of Marketing 2.0.  The FAQs of Marketing 2.0 via Quantum Listings Bekah Carlson is the Founder & ...
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Fried on Business – 07.01.20

Getting Social & Celebrating our Independence Networking in the Modern Age During our first segment, Fried on Tech, Jim talks Networking in the Modern Age with Andreas Senie and Bekah Carlson. They are joined by ...
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It’s important to follow rules; other times it’s more important to trailblaze by being yourself and not worrying about what others think, do, or say!

#Marketing is like this too. I’m glad we encourage our clients and ourselves to create solutions AND be uniquely innovative.

Location-specific ad campaigns are 20 times more effective than traditional banner ads. How can we help you capitalize on this?

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Marketing + Networking + Authenticity = Relationship

If you are working to GROW your relationships take a minute to read more about this important formula. We have a new BLOG post all about it.

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As we all work differently and many of us are #working in new ways remotely, routines are important to keep us at Peak #Productivity. Check out the Ivy Lee


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