What Tone do you need?

There are many different ways to use your voice in business. What is your intent for this communication? What message are you looking to get across? It is important to ensure that your voice and tone are tied to the brand, breaking down the basics and making sure the audience knows your voice. Let’s talk about how this would look in your social media feed.

Different types of voices are professional, conversational, and inspirational.

Professional Voice

The Professional voice is more serious. It is perfect for posting to your business accounts and sharing important information. Treat this as if you were talking to an authoritative figure or group. The language used is concise and respectful, leading straight to the point.

Conversational Voice

The Conversational voice is personable. The best time to use this voice is when you want the audience to relate and engage with your material. Treat this as if you are speaking to a friend or having a conversation at the dinner table. The language used is friendly and casual. It is more fun and interactive with the audience.

Inspirational Voice

The Inspirational voice is empowering. A good time to use this voice is when you want to create a positive environment on social media and motivate the audience. You want to treat this as if you are putting out a call to action to get the audience to take the next step in pursuing a goal they want to achieve. The type of language that is used is encouraging and uplifting.

With each voice, remember your brand and voice to ensure your brand is coming through your message.



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