Tools of the Trade: Social Media Style

Tools of the Trade: Social Media Style

If you’re looking to get your business off the ground and make an impact in this increasingly competitive market, there’s no denying that having a strong marketing strategy is essential. There are lots of tools at your disposal to facilitate your strategy with new ones coming out all the time. Know that this is one area where keeping it simple will work!

Here is a quick look at some tools to use:

Image Design – Having a good quality image, graphic, video or gif is a starting point for your social media campaign. Image design platforms like Canva, Visme, and Adobe Express are incredibly useful when creating visuals. Whether you need logos, banners, social media graphics, etc., there is likely a template that already exists, which makes designing graphics quick and easy. Stay within your brand when you create though. There are so many templates/fun ideas out there it can be very easy to create images that are beautiful but not representative of your brand.

Posting Platform – There are platforms where you can schedule your posts and get the analytics but if you are just getting up and running (heck even if you have been doing this for years) Meta Business Suite through Facebook or Instagram might be all that you need.

LinkedIn has been adding great new tools to its platform. So, if LinkedIn is also a platform you will be using it is possible that you would want to use a posting platform. Buffer or Metricool are good choices.

If you are handling several social media accounts posting platforms can make your work easier by keeping everything all in one place for posting. These platforms allow you to schedule posts ahead of time across multiple channels and provide insights into user behavior, helping you understand what works best for your brand. Before committing to one ask for a trial and ask A LOT of questions to ensure the platform is going to work how you want it to!

Email Automation Platform – It will help ensure important announcements and information are sent out promptly and accurately. Platforms like MailChimp, MailerLite, and Constant Contact offer useful features such as autoresponders, custom templates, detailed analytics and integrations with other services. Just remember to keep your contacts updated and to have a copy of them outside of the platform. This way you can ensure that you do not lose access to your data.

Writing Assistant Platform – Consider using a platform that reviews your writing for you. Even if you do not plan on doing a lot of writing this tool can be very valuable. It can be something as simple as using Grammarly. This tool can help ensure you have not left out a word in a sentence (you know the sentence you have read over and over now and have not noticed the word missing ?).

Communication and Organization Platforms – Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Chat are great for teams. It helps streamline communications between team members and keeps everyone on the same page – no more confusing email threads! With task management capabilities too, it’s helpful when delegating jobs.

From staying organized with planning tools to engaging customers through email automation, these marketing solutions will prove invaluable over time. Whether you choose to invest in high-tech platforms or use tried-and-tested methods, understanding what works best for your company is vital for growth.

As such, having the right tools at your disposal can help ensure success, which is why it pays to know what the most essential marketing tools are for any business.

Here’s a parting tip: When it comes to using new tools, always sign up for a trial before investing! Jumping straight into using a platform that is too complicated for your business’s current needs may cause unnecessary overwhelm. Talk to other business owners in your network and see what they are using. Chances are they have a referral discount code or link they can share with you, so you can save some bucks!



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