Start 2022 String

Start 2022 Strong

If you’re a fan of the office, you know Michael Scott is full of wisdom like this. Whether or not it was his own original thought made no difference; he declared it with confidence and awaited resounding support from his audience.

So if Michael Scott can do it, I’m gonna give it a shot, too.

Our world has been flipped upside-down, turned inside out and looks nothing like it did less than two years ago. As much as experts have tried to study trends and give their best predictions for what’s to come, the world isn’t playing by the same rules anymore, and even the strongest predictions can now fall flat without warning.

Take the wedding industry, for example. According to The Wedding Report,  2.5 million weddings are expected to happen in the United States in 2022, which is the most since 1984. BUT WAIT – remember that new variant we all just heard about? Remember lockdowns and sudden restrictions and overnight changes to the world as we knew it?  Could this number be sliced in half, just like the dramatic drop in weddings in 2020?

You don’t have to be a bridezilla to know that we need to expect the unexpected in the times we’re living in. 2022 is a fresh start for all of us. So how do you set yourself up for success in the New Year when it seems impossible to plan for anything?

It really is that simple. Please note that I did NOT say “start perfectly” or “have tons of strategic planning sessions to ensure your success” or “make sure you’ve researched every little nook and cranny of your market.” Starting strong and seeing small, tangible victories right away correlates to continued, more sustainable growth later on.

Set your sights not on long-term success but on the first, second and third steps on the journey. Avoid fixating on what may or may not happen in the months to come, and focus on what you have control over right at the start of the new year. And if you aren’t quite sure where to start, just borrow a quote from an esteemed Greek philosopher or a hockey legend to get the motivation rolling.



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