We were introduced to RARE Connection through one of their members who heard that they needed a new website. RARE stands for the restaurant and real estate connection, and they are a global network for commercial real estate brokers who represent restaurants and retail users.

As with most new clients, the website was just the tip of the marketing iceberg! The reality was that they needed to modernize their brand entirely to create a visual representation of everything the organization represented, including highlighting their dynamic growth and promoting their global membership.

What initially started as a website project ultimately turned into a brand evolution with the goal of creating attention-grabbing visuals and content for online visitors as well as in-person trade show guests.

We especially enjoyed working closely with the RARE team to create their bold new look as we designed new tradeshow graphics for their booth at ICSC in Las Vegas, 2022. The first day of the conference, I stopped by the booth to add their presentation to the monitor, and ended up staying for a little while only to discover that their booth staff never showed up! I volunteered to be their booth staff for the day, and the following year they asked if we would be willing to staff the booth again.

We went into the 2023 conference with great intentionality, adding flyers and boards with member information, implementing a scheduling process for reserving booth tables, and adding distinct QR codes for each member company. They were so pleased, they invited us back, and we are looking forward to another successful 2024 conference.

It’s really fun to watch our clients grow and be a part of that evolution. We love working with RARE Connection!


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