CASE STUDY: Integrative Partners

When I first spoke with Shawna Menifee, founder of Integrative Partners, I was blown away.

Shawna is an unbelievably sophisticated, tenured commercial real estate broker. She’s facilitated transactions for some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the United States. It was thrilling to learn of her ability to maximize diversity spend. Integrative Partners was my first exposure to a firm that leveraged W/MBE status as a powerful tool to meet the requirements of government agencies and large corporations. Shawna had an enormous impact in my decision to pursue WBE status for C.I. I am forever grateful.

Every effort with Shawna was fully collaborative. We worked together to build out the brand and articulate their services while completing a logo refresh, pitch deck, and website. When she formed a strategic partnership with Savills, we had the opportunity to work with their internal marketing department on the blending of the brands. The result was, and is, phenomenal.

It is always rewarding to see a client’s vision come to fruition, and we are so proud of our work with Integrative Partners!


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