Who knew that a simple proposal to redesign a nonprofit website would be the seed that blossomed into a wonderful, long-term relationship with the Foundation for Hearing and Speech Resources (FHSR)!

The leadership at FHSR initially approached us because they knew they needed a new website to not only elevate their brand visually but to also aggregate their extensive resources for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

We were very excited that our website proposal was selected and moved forward with development, utilizing a website builder with easy, intuitive navigation to allow for ongoing editing by the FHSR team. 

In the meantime, the director and her team worked on developing robust content focused on the ages and stages of child development while we built the site infrastructure and transferred information from the old site. It took several months, and when it was completed, FHSR invited us to continue working with their team. 

We dove in, creating e-blast templates, developing a social media strategy and designing posts. Then, when FHSR transitioned to a new donation software, we created forms to be embedded on their site and linked to their social media and eblasts. We created graphic packages for large scale events including branded QR codes for quick and easy registration and fundraising.  We are very enthusiastic about our collaboration; it is an honor to be a part of the FHSR ecosystem and to devote our skills to achieving their mission.

This year, FHSR added an incredible education coordinator program for families, and with that addition, we have phased a website expansion focused on user experience with improved SEO optimization.  We have also presented a Meta ads campaign to increase awareness of the wonderful programs, services, and resources FHSR provides. The range of support that FHSR delivers to families continues to grow, and we are here to help.

Oh, how we love FHSR!

p.s. Want to support this beautiful cause? DONATE TO FHSR TODAY!


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