CASE STUDY: @ Home Title Services

@ Home Title Services has grown tremendously since we first met as an eager start-up with a great idea! @ Home Title Services helps real estate brokers expand their skills and profitability and trains them how to be Title Agents – they really are “a better kind of Title Company!”

Carlson Integrated first created the logo, and we streamlined branding to meet industry qualifications in a regulated business. As @ Home Title Services grew, so did our scope of work. They needed additional marketing support, which led to CI creating brochures, a website, flyers, and pop-up banners and working on targeted Facebook advertising and social media.

Our marketing strategy was key in helping @ Home connect with local real estate alliances and the right audience in the real estate and brokerage world. They have grown as a result.

I’m especially proud of the way we have been able to empower them. The CEO, Edward was not particularly digital-marketing savvy, but now he is creating his own email lists, designing banners, posting to social media from events and more!

The work we did with @ Home Title Services makes me proud of how flexible and quick to pivot we are as a company, being able to add to our initial scope of work and provide value for a rapidly growing company. We had to revamp several pieces multiple times based on attorney instructions, and we were able to do so quickly and successfully. That’s what makes us so special as a marketing agency! We can cover multiple areas of marketing simultaneously, and we have the resources and experience to do it. As always, our goal is to be the go-to marketing experts and add value however we can, wherever we can.


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