These past months have led to a lot of new thinking – new ways to execute business objectives, new methodologies of outreach and business development, and a myriad of new opportunities.  COVID-19 has changed the way the world does many things. There are new needs, and people and companies are changing in order to meet those needs…quickly in many cases.

It has been amazing to watch our clients’ initiatives blossom. Change is even more evident as we see clients and friends embracing a virtual world.  Online perception has become an accepted critical element to all businesses, and we have been excited to see business services expand in this new reality.  The desire of our clients to build momentum has led to unprecedented innovation and growth, and we are truly blessed to be a part of it.

We are seeing new marketing campaigns, new video series, digital advertising platforms and a new orientation around SEO (search engine optimization).  Most importantly, we see clients using their platforms to talk about issues that are current and relevant, finding ways to make a difference in their communities. The creativity is flowing.

While we recognize there is great disruption in our world, we are also keenly aware that our response to that disruption is one of the only things we can actually control.  The collective trauma of isolation, dislocation, and even distress is mitigated by an adherence to the process of building.  As our client Jim Fried discussed with my favorite psychologist, Miranda Meadows, on a Fried on Business podcast earlier this year, we can and should acknowledge the trauma and progress through it by identifying daily activities that work toward a goal.  So we are determined to press forward and forge new paths.  To build marketing campaigns for our clients that elevate their brands and their businesses.  To continually grow our portfolio of services and share stories that matter.  The business of each one of our clients is changing in some way or another.  And we are always ready to jump into business alongside our clients.



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