New Service – Event Promotion

As a comprehensive marketing company, we wear many hats here at Carlson Integrated, from website development to social media content creation, investor presentations and more! Being able to pull skills from our amazing staff and our vast experience in the marketing world to create a personalized, results driven strategy for our clients is what we love to do, and we are super excited to announce that we will be adding another marketing service to our arsenal- event promotion!

Now that corporate events, fundraisers, conventions etc., are coming back in full force after several years of pandemic pause, we have seen that there is an opportunity for us to put our social media skills to good use in the promotion and marketing of events.

Events are a fantastic way to get the word out about a new company, product or service and provides much needed “face time” with both existing and potential clients- something that has been sorely missed these last few years- even with countless hours logged on Zoom.

Effective event promotion involves a lot more than sending out an email or setting up a Facebook event page. It involves creating on-brand content for all the event collateral- from printed or digital invitations, social media event pages, website event pages and more. All the promotional content should be well designed, in the right “voice ” and optimized to appeal to the client’s target audience.

Using our savvy social media skills to create an effective promotional campaign is where our marketing expertise comes to good use. Finding the right platforms, writing good copy, determining the efficacy of paid ads, and hashtag research all matters a lot when promoting an event. In addition to event marketing, we can also help plan every detail of your event from venue selection, helping find the right vendors and onsite event management and more.

We are so excited to be adding event promotion and management to our arsenal of marketing services in order to better assist our clients in their business goals and success.

If you’re ready to plan your next event (hello holiday season!) we’d love to talk!



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