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My Work Friends I have Never Met

Remote work. Something many people have been doing now for a year or more. I had to learn how to work from home when I got the opportunity several years ago to come work on research projects for a friend that was starting her own business. I met this amazing woman when I worked for her years ago and she has become one of my dearest friends. I would get random projects. Research many things. Then send them back to her. It was great. She was getting help and I loved helping her and seeing her business grow.

Then one day we started talking more about her business and I asked a few questions and then we started talking about strategy. More projects came and went. I slowly was getting to help her more and the best part – I got to talk to my friend more often. I love hearing her voice and laugh on the phone!

As the company grew, more women were brought on to help with projects. Originally much communication was done via email with random phone calls regarding a project or projects. With the growth of the company though we needed a designated time to discuss project status. A weekly status call was created and the growth of friendships was an extra blessing.

I do not get to stand around a water cooler to chat at work but there are times during our Zoom calls that turn into what is going on for each of us. Casual banter before the work begins and I love every minute of it. We have had babies born, people moved, remote schooling, health issues, and family issues. We get to support each other and lift each other up all while doing great things for WONDERFUL clients.

It does not matter that we have not met each other. It does not matter that there is a good chance we will never meet in person. The group of professional women that I work with is amazing!

If you do not know we are located in 7 different states with several different time zones between us. As we work on more projects together, we learn more about each other. We have a common goal and that is to do the best work that we can for our amazing clients! It brings us closer together. To cheer each other on in our work life and personal life. The people I work with are my work friends I have never met.

And, if you have not guessed this dear friend is Rebekah Carlson, Owner of Carlson Integrated.





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