Year End Planning

Mapping Marketing Success – Year-End Strategic Planning

As the year comes to an end, it’s time to pull out your planners and set the stage for what’s to come. Yep, strategic planning season is upon us! Let’s dive in together, shall we? I’ve got a few insights to kickstart our journey toward reflection and forward thinking.

Why should businesses bother with this whole “look back to move forward” thing? Let’s break it down. Reflecting on the past year is like peeking at your GPS before a big road trip. It helps you spot the traffic jams, find the scenic routes, and ensure you’ve got enough snacks for the journey ahead.

As a social media manager, I’ve seen businesses hit the jackpot with successful posts that really resonated with their audience. However, some posts may seem to vanish faster than a magician’s bunny. We can learn from both experiences! Take note of what made your audience joyfully engage and what may have left them scratching their heads. How? By checking out your analytics, of course!

Here’s the game plan: Gather the team, grab a pen and paper (or your favorite note-taking app), and get real about what worked and what didn’t. Review analytics on whichever scheduling tool you use, whether it be Meta or a paid tool like Loomly or Metricool, and get to work. Analyze your highest-performing social media posts, reels, stories, and the hashtags you used. How successful were your CTAs (Call to Action)? Did they drive traffic to your website or social media profiles? According to the demographics, does your audience align with your target audience? These details matter and can help guide you when planning.

Now, I get it. Crunching numbers and strategizing may not be all that exciting. But this is truly where the magic happens! It’s not just numbers and graphs. It’s about channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes and uncovering patterns, trends, and insights. Then, use the information you’ve gathered to set goals that ensure a successful year ahead. Think of it as plotting your course on the business map- it helps you stay on track and maybe even discover some hidden shortcuts along the way.

So, here’s to reflecting, setting your sights forward, and making next year the best one yet. Embrace strategic planning, because making magic happen isn’t just for fairy godmothers. You’ve got this! And if you need a hand, Carlson Integrated is here to sprinkle a little of our own magic into your strategic planning sessions!

Year End Planning

Year-End Strategic Planning



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