Logo Usage Matters

A logo is an important element of brand identity for any business. It is the first impression of a brand and should represent the company’s values and mission in a unique and graphically appealing way. But that is just the beginning.

As marketers, we are often recruited to assist clients with the creation of logos, materials, and brand identity.  Encompassing these elements is Brand Strategy.  A brand logo project always starts with in-depth discussions to make sure we understand our clients’ business and impart wise professional counsel.  Inevitably, we have a conversation to determine the logo’s usage.  Usage refers to the ways in which the logo will be used and displayed.  For some businesses, their logo is used mostly in print or on social media.  For these businesses, the approach can include more text and intricate design.  Others utilize their logo on merchandise and signage; for these clients, a different approach is required.

Logos that have their base usage on items that are embroidered, embossed, or printed on merchandise and clothing or utilized in large scale signage must be created with that intent in mind.  What does that mean?  These logos may include one or more of the following guidelines:

  • Simple Iconography
  • Modern Font Style
  • Minimalist design
  • Little to no text other than the name
  • Single or 2 color without gradient or ombre

When creating logos for this usage type, less is absolutely more! So often we work with logos that are over complicated and it takes a lot of work to help them display clearly. Even for print or online use, there can be complications.  Retrofitting complex logos into an unintended original use can have unintended consequences.  Flourishes and detail marks, even trademark symbols, can become blurs or need to be removed entirely, forcing a new set of logos for the new intended application.

We have learned that when merchandise and signage are intended uses, simplicity is key.  Whether a client selects a simple icon with a minimalist modern font, or a designer font with a single word to represent the logo and no iconography, or forego words entirely and rely on the strength of their icon, any of these options displays much more effectively on the canvas of merchandise and signage.  Their simple, bold nature makes them attractive to the eye and memorable.  The composition ensures that projects that apply the logos are more cost effective and easily embroidered, embossed and the like. These logos are created as vector designs, a format most desired by merchandise printers and can easily be made in monotone colors to be versatile on various pieces.

So, if you are looking to refresh your logo or if you are starting a new venture and creating a new brand altogether, take a thoughtful approach. Look carefully at all aspects of your brand strategy and ponder the usage before you select the new logo for your business.

As always, if you need help we are always available to talk through your logo or brand project.



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