The Importance of Social Media


Many of us have restrictions to stay in our homes, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this reality, social media becomes even more important.

How, you might ask?

The various social media platforms have become our di facto “real” world. They are where we go for the world and local news, where we go to see what’s new in our industry, and where we go to socialize with our friends, colleagues and followers all around the world.  Social media, for many of us, is the primary way we maintain connection in the face of isolation.

Additionally, social media platforms have rapidly become a business tool, enabling a business to have its own identify and presence online. By using interesting visuals like eye-captivating photos or video, brands are much more likely to be seen. Posting content with regularity lets people know where they can find you and helps them learn more about you or your products.

Paid advertising through social media platforms can be incredibly inexpensive, and give you the ability to have more control in targeting people who are interested in what your business is all about. Social media advertising is much more interactive than many forms of traditional advertising. Unlike sending a flyer in the mail or doing a billboard on the highway, you have the opportunity to showcase more than one message or product, and can answer questions before the sale and get feedback from your customers after the sale in real time. Businesses are quickly realizing that building community online enables them to thrive, even in unexpected times.

So, if your business allows you to join the online marketing world, we have a few tips:  remember to post regularly on various social medias, use intriguing visuals, connect with people by being open and honest about who they’ll do business with, and pay attention to your posts and respond to any queries so that you can have the valuable 2-way communication. We all need more interaction right now, while we’re online more than ever!



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