Human Touchpoints are Meaningful

When you think about your busy day, what are the things that you remember? Was it a company brand that captured your interest? A social media post that made you think, or made you smile? The AI bot that tried to answer your question in the chat box? Hopefully any and all of these are positive experiences.  But I submit to you that there is another interaction that was more meaningful:  the one you had with a human being.  Whether it was an email exchange, a phone call, a zoom call, or even polite banter on a social media thread, our connections with other people are the most memorable.

In the marketing business, and business in general, we hear a lot about automation, streamlining, sales funnels, click funnels, faqs and search bars that provide the answers at a seeker’s fingertips.  But in the b-to-b world, where high touch interactions can lead to high revenue results, it’s important to remember the elegance of human relationship

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a LinkedIn invitation that says something like this.  “Hi, Rebekah, I was reading about your business and I’d really like to learn more.  Please click on my link to schedule a time to talk.”

Um, yeah.  Right.  These sorts of notes often close the door to a potential relationship.

Why is that?  Because this correspondence model misses out on a great opportunity, and I am disappointed that more people do not take advantage of it.

The process of scheduling a meeting can be a touchpoint.  It can be an opportunity to get to know the person that you are meeting.  When I interface with someone several times to set up a meeting, working with each other’s schedule to find the right date, putting the calendar invite together (my intro calls are always titled “Hello Call – So-And-So and Bekah Carlson”) it may take more time… but I have already thought about that person several times before we ever speak.

The process of cancelling a meeting can also be a touchpoint.  We’ve all received those quick emails from someone begging off the meeting.  What a great opportunity to enter into their day with a respectful and positive, “no worries” message, and to pop them some times that may work in the future.  You get to be gracious and still make it known you desire the meeting.  It’s a great combo!

The process of scheduling a follow up meeting… yes, also a touchpoint!   You don’t have to schedule the next meeting while you’re on the phone with someone… do it a couple of days later.  Build the follow up into your personal process.


In our quest for efficiency, at times it can seem like we shy away from additional interactions.  But I would submit to you that those interactions are what actually cultivate relationship.  Keep the conversations going!