Goals: Mid-Year Check-in

Goals: Mid-Year Check-in

January: Out with the old, IN with the NEW! Time for a clean slate, motivation is at an all-time high, resolutions have been made, goals have been set, ready for action. THIS is going to be the year I get organized, get fit, get those new clients, take my business to the next level, and basically have the most successful, productive, lucrative and just plain awesome year of my life! I got this!

July: It’s July?

New year’s resolutions made with the best of intentions can easily fall by the wayside when time is filled with the daily business of life, not to mention all the pivoting and disruption of a pandemic year, so some broken resolutions can be forgiven.  Businesses, like the people that run them, can easily go off track if we don’t regularly check in with our goals and assess our strategies, and there’s no better time than now.  The inspiration and motivation that comes with a new calendar year can be sustained by taking another look at those SMART goals (remember those??) by regularly updating, editing and honestly reflecting on successes and failures. Here are some ways to get back to that “new year, better me” feeling:

*Track your progress:  A little appreciation for goals achieved is never a bad thing, and so fun to cross off the list! Take a look at what you’ve achieved and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Now take a look at things you haven’t accomplished and ask yourself if those are still reasonable objectives that fit into your overall strategy for business growth. If the answer is yes, make a plan and get it done!

*Put your goals where you can see them! I wrote about this at the beginning of the year and I think it deserves mentioning again. Make a calendar reminder, put a sticky note on your monitor, whatever it is that helps keep your goals top of mind.

*Get your team on board and use your staff wisely:  You have a team for a reason- use them! Communicate professional goals and reiterate individual responsibilities to ensure everyone’s on the same page.  Delegate tasks to the right people to maximize efficiency and encourage regular check-ins to make sure everyone’s on track. As I say all the time, we are better together!

I hope this helps motivate you to make the rest of the year as fantastic as possible and to keep moving forward. In the meantime, enjoy every minute of the summer season because like all good things, it’ll be over before we know it!



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