Five Business Lessons from Bekah

It’s one thing to know the ins and outs of marketing; it’s a whole other ball game to take that knowledge and start your own company. We’ve had some big wins and have experienced a few defeats, and there are always lessons to be learned. Here are five that I think everyone who aspires to go on this journey should know.

1. ELEVATE OTHERS!!: I promise I’m not yelling in real life, but I cannot stress this enough! As an integrated marketing company, we work with so many different content areas and project types, but there’s always a person behind them all. We’re in the business of celebrating some amazing people who happen to do amazing things. Never forget that people come first. Champion them every opportunity you get.

2. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow: By now, everyone knows that algorithms update faster than we can keep up with. They’ve probably changed since you started reading this post. But referring back to point 1, we’re in the people business, and people are dynamic. Needs change. Preferences change. Habits change. As marketing professionals, we can’t always rely on one system or strategy to work for us every time. Staying on top of trends is great, but staying in tune with people is better.

3. Be intentional about delegating: This might not be unique to a marketing company, but the recurrence of this theme over and over again has earned it a spot on this list. You are only as strong as the people you have supporting you! Learn your team’s strengths and give them opportunities to showcase those strengths often. Burnout is always just one more task away; delegate what you can, when you can and watch your team thrive.

4. Transparency in all things: We’re in an industry with a lot of smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s the scope of work promised or pricing structures or any other matter that arises, do everything in your power to be crystal clear about what you can offer (and what you can’t or won’t). Building trust with clients will come to those who are straightforward, reliable, and transparent.

5. Who you surround yourself with matters: I say this with both my team and our fabulous clients in mind. I am a better marketer, leader, and person because of the caliber of people I get to work with. Choose your people carefully!

This list is in no way exhaustive. We continue to be afforded new opportunities all the time to grow our business, connect with new people and put out work that we’re proud of. There will inevitably be more lessons learned and more to share with you all. Let this be your reminder to stop every so often and take inventory of how you have been operating and your level of satisfaction with how things are going (or lack thereof). Make changes when needed, celebrate your successes, and reach out to us so we can celebrate you, too!



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