Celebrating Success

When is the last time you sat down and celebrated your success? My hope is the answer is recently and often. If not, though, I’d encourage you to dig in and ask “why not”?

I think we are often so busy we just move on to the next thing because we feel we don’t have the time to slow down for too long to celebrate and pat someone’s back (or our own) for a job well done. Over the years I can think of many times when my teams achieved some amazing results and we celebrated. It felt good to name and recognize all that was going well, and I know it helped my team to feel encouraged and valued, too. But I can also think about the times when we achieved a goal or milestone, and we just threw out a quick “way to go!” and moved on to the next goal or thing on the agenda.

Can I just say – when we choose not to celebrate the good and only focus our attention on the next, or worse, all that needs fixing, that is a prime breeding ground for resentment, burn out and an overall feeling of not being valued in the work that is being done.

As the new year tempts us to get our 2022 plan together so we’re ready to charge in with purpose, it’s important to take a moment to do a bit of reflection and celebrate the successes we have had. In fact, it’s an important aspect of our role and continued development as leaders – celebrating wins and encouraging others to look at the good that has been done.

With that said, we want to recognize and celebrate some great things that have gone on within Carlson Integrated. It’s been a great, full-year at CI.

First of all, our team has grown with the addition of some very talented women. Covid was a time where people were out of work or not busy, and we grew! That’s amazing.

When Covid shifted everything to virtual platforms and a high technological focus, we took advantage of that by helping our clients refocus their marketing strategies so they could focus more on their business. In fact, this past year many of our clients needed to pivot their message because of some changes within their business, and we got to be a part of adjusting their messaging to better suit them and get them growing.

Some of what we took over for our clients were the day-to-day items such as building and managing client websites, investor presentations, e-blasts, graphics and starting social media platforms. We saw tremendous growth for them, and we celebrate that!

Our team truly has gone above and beyond. We even won an award for the website we built for FHSR (The Foundation for Hearing and Speech Resources)!

I’m so glad to be a part of a team at Carlson Integrated that celebrates overall wins and individual success, and does it often. So, here’s to an incredible year for our CI team and the amazing clients we get to serve. Our team hopes you know how valued and loved you are, not only for your hard work and the amazing job you do, but for just being you! Pause and hold on tight to that.



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