Our Approach

Collaboration.  Excellence.  Growth.

These are the tenets of Carlson Integrated.  Working with clients and our own professional team inspires excellence, and we view growth as both our business path and our objective for our clients.

Our Story

I have loved building business my entire corporate career.  Turning that passion into its own business, with the ability to help clients across business lines and channels, is a dream come true.  Carlson Integrated has been developed to take the very best that I can offer, combine it with the best that my teammates can offer, and work with clients to build their businesses beautifully.


Meet the Team

You've got to meet these people.  Seriously.

Bekah Carlson

Founder & CEO

Bekah spent over a dozen years doing corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm.  Then she worked on projects outside of that realm, from gaming to men's underwear development to restaurant concept work, and realized not only did her skills translate but her passion did too.

Born in Issaquah, Washington, married to Super Sean, and mother to three kids with the initials AIA, she is a junkie for new business endeavors and cooks, quilts, and teaches Sunday school.

Kim Head Shot

Kim has worked in a variety of fields over the years: retail, staffing agency, investment firm, hospital, and a newly opened chiropractic office. Her background includes administration, small business operations and HR. Kim loves helping people and groups work together.  She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is mother of three energetic children. Kim and her family love spending time outdoors, reading, and creative cooking.

Kristy Headshot 2018

Kristy wears many hats. At Carlson Integrated, she is the master of e-blasts and editing. When she's not conquering email communication, Kristy is a licensed hairstylist, an English teacher and a full-time mom to 1.5 kids (2 in June!) and 2 furry children. Kristy hails from the Chicagoland area and loves summertime in the city!

Melissa headshot

Melissa Fuller lives in Madison, WI.  She is a nanny and an unschooling mom with one fantastic kiddo.  Melissa is a social media maven and blogger, and she posts to Facebook and Alignable for clients.  Her background includes education (she has her teaching certificate), veterinary medicine and a ton of specialized learning.  You can follow Single Mom Unschooling on Facebook and Instagram.

bre headshot

Bre is a creative spirit with a deep love of designing and creating impeccable work for her clients. Her career has included work at a marketing firm as a National Sales Director. She has designed numerous campaigns in the beauty, personal care, and wellness industries. Additionally, her passion for wellness and serving others continues through her company, Oil Artisans.


Our Collaborative Partners

When I met one of the principals from Medium Rare at Richard's in Chicago 5 years ago, I never dreamed that the firm would become my go-to web creator and brand builder.  But with several websites and brand development projects under our belts as a team, I love that building CI means that I get to work with this crowd more!

Open Slate's Michael Millar and Allison Millar developed their PR and marketing company to get the right message out to the right audience in the right manner at the right time. I've gotten to work with them developing media/social media strategy, strategizing thought leadership pieces.  They can also be seen every January hosting the real estate forecast conference in Chicago!

I've known Adam Ekstein, Founder of Real Site Video, easily for a decade.  With great curiosity, I watched as he transitioned from a career as a successful commercial real estate broker into a passionate marketer.  He is a drone pilot, a high-end commercial photographer, and his corporate and leasing video products are exemplary.

Digital marketing novices, never fear!  Steve Ryan and the Rytech team are here!  We are excited to offer in-depth SEO services through the Rytech collaboration.  What does that mean?  Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Onsite SEO, Link Building are just a query away.  Getting found on search engines has never been more important than today, and our partner Rytech literally knows everything about it.

Creative.  Innovative.  Memorable.  That's how my companies have always viewed the branded products  from Amy Bossov and her team at Yes Promotions.  Fast.  Responsive.  Incredible follow up.  Those are the elements that have made working with Amy an absolute dream and I am thrilled she is part of this collaboration.