becoming socially native

Becoming Socially Native

Strategy sessions have been held and the goal planning is done. The marketing plan has been formulated for 2021! One of your goals – start being present on social media.

If you are new to posting on social media for your personal brand or for your company then the next step is to review where your marketing needs are (check out our October blog).

Great – now the posting can begin…. Not quite. Before you begin determine what your level of engagement is. How much time do you have to dedicate to this process – EACH MONTH. This is a long-term commitment. Parts of it are one time, parts of marketing are set it and forget about it for a bit but your consistency matters.

Below are a few of the steps to start your social media journey. You may have already started and can skip of few of the steps ?


  1. Determine what platforms you are posting to – Remember it should always start where your audience is.
  2. Create the social accounts you need, if necessary. If you are posting for a business make sure that your social media accounts are created as a business account.
  3. Create the strategy for your messaging – Have a plan for what you are going to say, how often you want it said and who you are saying it to.
  4. Create your content – don’t forget to use visual images to tell the same story as your words
  5. Hashtags – to use or not? – find a few relevant hashtags and include them. Research them and consider them part of your content.
  6. Get the content onto social media – are you posting directly to each platform or are you using a social media management tool?
  7. Tag, Monitor and Review – If you are tagging anyone in your posts ensure that tagging worked, ensure that is posting to your platforms correctly and review how your overall feed is looking on the platform
  8. Invite people you know to your social media platforms- let people know that you have created a place for your personal brand or company.
  9. Know where to get your Analytics – know where on your social media platform they are or if using a posting platform know where to look
  10. Look at your analytics and make adjustments – do you need to change the time of day you are posting or day of the week


It may seem like a lot at first because IT IS!

There is plenty advice out there on how to do this but remember to be AUTHENTIC. As you create your content for the year remember your goals and values and be sure to represent them in your social media feed.

We love a good plan at CI! Now that you have a plan with actionable steps, we would love to hear how it is going! And of course if there is any help that you need please let Carlson Integrated know.



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