My parents taught me that “honesty is the best policy.” And I have found that to be true in all aspects of business… taking an honest assessment of your business model enables you to better position your company for the future!

What kind of assessment are we talking about? This one is easy! It’s actually just two questions:

1) Have you structured your business to prioritize ongoing, consistent marketing and business development?
2) Are you developing processes and goals to ensure you are on track?

It is easy to push marketing to the side. Save it for later. Think about it if and when you have time – at the middle or bottom of a lengthy to-do list. But how many clients are you missing by doing so? Do your relationships / colleagues / contacts know that you are actively seeking business? (What You Don’t Use You Tend to Lose – 04.28.2020)

Sometimes we all get sidelined by our actions IN our businesses – facilitating transactions, focusing on super-encompassing projects or clients, or developing sales strategy that is siloed far away from marketing. We can get so focused on DOING our work that we forget to take a step back and view the big picture. What is the company doing to attract clients and gain market share? What best practices are emerging in your marketplace? Should changes be made to the company’s approach?

Imagine this scenario: you have the most amazing company in the world. Best service, best location, best product, you get the picture. You’re the best! Yet how do you make sure you are building business and expanding your footprint? Through MARKETING! If you are simply expecting people to know that you are out there with great opportunities, or relying strictly on a sales team in their own silo, you are limiting your firm’s chances of broader success.

There is a simple truth at play: people cannot do business with you if they do not know about your capabilities. Furthermore, people will not do business with you if they do not remember you. Out of sight equals out of mind.

The opposite is true as well – people are more apt to engage with you if they do remember you.

Your company’s online presence may well be your business’ most important and valuable asset.



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