deep experience and client care

Who We Are

A team built for collaboration and building business.


The Carlson Integrated goals are inherently intertwined:

  • Attract and retain clients with overarching marketing or project-based needs.
  • Attract and retain a skilled team of marketers.

Since 2017 we have served over 100 clients, providing services to an average of 40 active clients at any point in time.


Marketing is, at its core, the function of sharing a business' presence, position and products with their constituents. CI was created to assist clients in creating and achieving marketing goals by activating a dedicated team of professionals at all stages in their careers who desire flexibility and challenge.



We aspire to do well for every client - to elevate their brand in everything we create. Our best work is CI-conceptualized and CI-executed.


We desire for our team and our client base to be reflective of our community. We provide a broad range of services to accommodate our clients' needs.


We strive to embody a culture that cares deeply about the concerns of our clients' businesses. Our team and our clients love to work together.


We are committed to managing our contracts, documenting our time, and billing with fairness, while applying the utmost respect in all of our relationships.


It is of extreme importance to our company that we add value to our clients and "go the extra mile." We facilitate opportunities to benefit their businesses through introductions, extra hand-holding, and skills training, and brainstorming conversations. We provide small business and career advisory services pro bono because we believe in helping others and building business overall.


You've got to meet these people. Seriously.

Bekah Carlson

Bekah spent over a dozen years in corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm. Then she worked on
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Maria Dollas

With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of event production and marketing, Maria has enjoyed working with an incredibly diverse range
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Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s a homeschooling mom to a one-of-a-kind teenager, who enjoys video games and
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Bre Kingsley

Bre is a creative spirit with a deep love of designing and creating impeccable work for her clients. Her
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Kristy Nickol

Kristy wears many hats. At Carlson Integrated, she is the master of e-blasts and editing. When she’s not conquering
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Jennifer Nolan

Jennifer is a creative professional with versatile talents, and over 13 years of experience as a graphic designer. She
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Cortney Ridley

Cortney is an avid reader, researcher, and fitness enthusiast. After working in the field of architecture for many years,
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Rachel Stallings

Rachel recently earned a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy degree from Western Illinois University. She is experienced in corporate
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Kim Strout

Kim has worked in a variety of fields over the years: retail, staffing agency, investment firm, hospital, and a
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Shelby Wisdom

A native of Houston, Texas, Shelby brings 3 years of marketing and administrative experience to her role as Design
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We Get Involved

The Carlson Integrated company and leadership are active in a number of organizations and initiatives.  We believe in taking an active role to share knowledge and experience within our network and with the greater business community.

While our involvement is heaviest within the commercial real estate sector and the women-owned business community, we actively seek opportunities to sponsor, network and participate in organization activities that align with our mission and values.

To learn more about these fantastic groups and our involvement, please follow us on social media or reach out to founder Bekah Carlson.

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