A Positive Tone

Good writing often follows the double negative rule – using two negatives in one sentence is not grammatically correct. My husband gives me a hard time because I use the phrase “I can’t not…” a little too often.

I can’t NOT get a pumpkin coffee if I pass a Caribou!

I can’t NOT fold the laundry if it’s sitting on the other side of the couch mocking me!

I can’t NOT buy the fried pickles at the state fair!

It’s not grammatically correct but I feel like it gets my point across more dramatically and is, therefore, more convincing for the listener. Content writing that goes beyond “good” and actually makes your audience stop scrolling and pay attention uses no negatives at all, but I’m not talking about grammar. A positive tone of voice is an incredibly effective way to find a point of connection and is a strategy that should be utilized more often than it is.

I was brought on to the CI team because of my English background. I was always that kid in the class that set the curve for the reading & writing tests and would correct any grammatical injustices I heard in passing. It’s the thing I’m inherently good at. The multi-faceted world of social media content writing and email communication was something I had to learn through a lot of research, trial & error and mentorship from the exceptional women on the CI team. One of the things I’ve noticed over and over again is that a message of gratitude, hopefulness and forward-thinking is something that connects with a wide audience, and an accompanying personal photo or video really takes it to the next level.

Posts about the human experience resonate with all of us in some way or another, so that’s a great place to start when considering a messaging strategy. I see consistent engagement on clients’ social media, and on my own, when there’s a message of hope through adversity, gratitude for something specific or an accomplishment to feel proud of. Don’t be afraid to get personal or at times vulnerable, because others can relate and NEED to hear the good that’s happening in the world. Whether they’re on cloud nine with you or living vicariously through you, a positive message can connect with everyone.

We are obviously living in very contentious times- you name it, people disagree on it. And in our industry, it’s undeniable but that trolls and keyboard warriors are alive and well.  But for the most part, sharing a positive message, especially with a personal spin, gets a great return.  What better time to be the person/business that is consistently calling out the good that’s happening?



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