A Case Study: Investing in Client Success

Remember the famous saying about teaching a man to fish so he can be fed for a lifetime? I’d like to share a recent client experience that illustrates this quote perfectly!

We have a long-time client who was posting on one social media platform but was hesitant to post on a different one. We gently suggested they post to this other platform as that is where many of their audience was.

Still hesitant we talked through the benefits it could have for his business. When we explained that he would be doing almost the same steps but on a different platform – that he would be getting a two-for-one deal – he could not pass it up.

Here is where the magic happened – We set up a training call to walk the client through this new process. I was asked to jump on a call with this amazing client to help answer any questions they might have! Since the client was already posting on one platform, they were pretty familiar with how to post but needed guidance on this other platform. He was super nervous and even a bit sheepish about asking for help, as he himself admitted that he was intimidated by “techie things” and needed a lot of help getting started.

After a detailed introduction to Instagram and an explanation of hashtags, the difference between stories and static posts, etc., we encouraged our client to post an image on his own so that he would understand exactly how the platform works.  He was initially a bit hesitant, but after much encouragement, some virtual hand-holding, and maybe some colorful adjectives, our client successfully and happily posted his first, very own story AND added a post on his own- including the addition of some great hashtags if I do say so myself. 

Seeing the confidence that learning a new skill gave him was super gratifying in so many ways, but also reminded me of why I love the company culture at CI so much. We love giving our clients the tools they need to succeed, grow, and feel confident while our team supports them. I think this attribute is what differentiates us from other marketing companies. We take the time to invest in the long-term success of our clients because we CARE. Period. 

And the best part? A few days after our Instagram 101 session we received a super appreciative and enthusiastic email thanking us for helping him overcome his fear of social media technology. We taught our client how to “fish”, happily and successfully.

 Mission accomplished. 



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