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Don’t Let Your Imposter Syndrome Fool You – 06.22.2022

Do you take many pictures on your phone using portrait mode? I love the clean look of the background falling out of focus while the subject shines. Ever since I ...
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The Digital Marketing Strategy Rule Rebellion – 06.08.2022

Although I am most definitely a right-brained creative (my algebra grades in college can confirm that!)  I am a huge analytics nerd when it comes to social media stats and ...
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Celebrate Impact this May – 05.18.2022

Impact - goes both ways. You have an impact and you are an impact. Being polite and kind is one way to have an impact. Many times, you do not ...
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Bound for Success: Using an Inbound Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business – 05.04.2022

When it comes to marketing, your ability to effectively convert customers, consistently build relationships, AND save your business money is the hallmark of a great marketing strategy, especially in the ...
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How Content Creation Uses the Iceberg Theory- 04.20.2022

If you've ever sat through a professional development session in basically any industry, chances are you've heard the iceberg analogy. This illustration was from Freud's theories on conscious/unconscious thinking and ...
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Company Culture and Your Website- 04.06.2022

Did you know that your company's website is the most significant marketing tool you have? Why is that? Your website is so important because it is accessible to almost anyone ...
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What a great way to start JULY! 🌞
It’s Friday AND a holiday weekend is on the horizon to kick off our favorite summer month.
We’ll take it!
PS, don’t forget to set your out of office reply!
#tigif #newmonth #fridayfun #longweekend #summervibes #chicagomarketing #summerfun

And that’s a wrap! 🍉
We are halfway done with 2022!
Regardless of whether that fact thrills or terrifies you (!) it’s never too late to chase those goals!
Even with lots of summer fun included!
#thatsawrap #checkin #goals #resolutions #sixmonthplan #marketingplan #goalgetter

Marketing Motto:
If you are talking to everybody, you are talking to NOBODY.
Find your niche!
(We can help!) 🎉
#mondaymarketing #marketingmonday #nichemarketing #mondaymotivation #mondaymotto #chicagomarketing #marketingtips

One of the most helpful (and nicest!) things you can do for your fellow small business owners is to leave a positive review on Google, FB and other platforms - not only does it help their visibility, but it’s a great way to connect and show your appreciation for a job well done

High quality is a must for your social feed! 💥
Low quality visuals, typos or poorly written content are not a good reflection of your brand and can seriously affect the way your products and services are perceived.
Quality over quantity always! ⭐️
#fridayfacts #factfriday

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