Celebrate Impact this May – 05.18.2022

Impact – goes both ways. You have an impact and you are an impact. Being polite and kind is one way to have an impact. Many times, you do not realize the impact these basic actions can have on those around you. Other times there are occasions you expect the impact to have a lasting impression on you.

While we fill the feed with amazing women that have had an impact on the CI team this month. I would like to take a minute and share the impact the Marketing Mavens have on CI. Each person brings their knowledge and unique talent to CI. We are so grateful for their impact!

Social Media engagement is my love language! – Maria

I enjoy being part of the Carlson Integrated Team because my work is a wonderful creative outlet, while always teaching me new skills. Work that betters yourself as well as your clients’ businesses is the most rewarding kind there is! – Melissa

Creating for CI has allowed me to acquire skills I never thought I’d learn, while being surrounded by a supportive team that fosters growth. It has been the creative outlet I didn’t know I needed. – Amiee

Completing projects with CI is like sitting at a proverbial roundtable, knowing I can bring my ideas and collaborate with the other ladies on the team to produce something excellent. This kind of environment makes it possible for a person to discover and develop skills they didn’t even know they had. Grateful and honored to contribute to this team. – Kristy 

Working with Bekah and the Carlson Integrated team is a breath of fresh air in a chaotic world. No matter what is going on in life, jumping on our weekly call rejuvenates me and helps me keep things in perspective while motivating me to achieve my career and life goals. For me, I’m most creative when my head is clear and focused and the team at Carlson Integrated helps me do that. I am grateful to the whole team for helping make me a better teammate, worker, and person. – Julia

For me, creating at CI extends beyond meetings and deadlines. The company culture is one that encourages all to be confident and comfortable with the work that is produced through having an “open-door” policy, flexible work hours, a sense of comradery among all, and goal-oriented leadership. – Cortney

I love that Bekah is creating a team that is working at building meaningful and authentic relationships with our clients and within Carlson Integrated. – Jamie

I’m so grateful for the team of amazing women I work with. The gifts and talents they bring to our team make us a stronger better organization and bless me daily. Our culture allows me to bring creativity, design, and function to our clients in unique ways and gives me the freedom to learn new skills all the time. – Bre

Watching not only a business grow but the women you work with is an amazing blessing. It is a testament to Bekah that she has grown her vision of Carlson Integrated. – Kim